Toddlers Imitate Parents with Everything

Toddlers Imitate Parents with EverythingGreat idea! Toddlers Imitate Parents with Everything. So why not take advantage of the opportunity to foster cooperation, responsibility, compliance, cleanliness, and fun? The answer is that the best tool a parent has is parenting by example, so use it with everything.

Marcia hall wrote a short piece about just that in the blog, Go Nannies. Take a look. Use your imagination. Be creative.


Toddlers Imitate Parents with Everything

“4 Reasons to Let Your Toddler Help Around the House”

“You child will naturally want to help you do things around the house.  At times, this insistence can be seen as a nuisance because it is generally easier and quicker to do the job by yourself than to have little, clumsy hands help.  However, there are a lot of reasons we should encourage children to pitch in.”

Here is one great reason to let your toddler help around the house…

“It builds independence”

“Encouraging your child to do things on her own will promote a positive sense of self which will in turn help your child to gain her own independence.  This is a very good thing; even if at times you wish that she did not have so much independence.”

“Among the many jobs parents have, one is to help create a person who will be able to survive on her own.  This movement toward independence starts at a very young age.  As soon as a child is able to understand how to get her body to do what she wants it to she will begin to crawl and walk away from you, feed herself, and play on her own.  This is also a great time to begin teaching her to clean her own things up.  She will need lots of help and encouragement to learn this task, but constantly encouraging her will help it become commonplace for her to do small tasks.”

Discover the other three reason by clicking this link…


As with everything in a parent’s life, there is a caveat here. Don’t let your toddler get into the dryer, or washer. Keep all Laundry supplies out of reach, and better yet, locked up. You heard about the Tide Pods problem, right? Do your household sweep for child safety in all areas, and always match the activity the the skill and maturity level of your child. Toddlers Imitate Parents with Everything, even the ‘bad’ stuff. So, do the next right thing.

Here are some links to information on the dangers of laundry pods.
Children are Eating Tide Pods Laundry Detergent USA
Detergent Responsible for Calls to Poison Control Hotline
CDC Health Advisory Laundry Pods Danger

To Your Parenting Success!

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