Violent Video Game Study Blocked?

Violent Video Game Study Blocked? Dan Frienman from the Daily News Washington Bureau gives us some details.

Violent Video Game Study Blocked?.

There has been much ado over studies that will help us learn more about our own human nature, and the nature and nurture argument. If nature is prevalent, then why reinforce it?


Violent Video Game Study Blocked?

“A proposal to study how violent video games may be affecting the minds of youngsters has stalled”

“Sources say it’s the victim of the $67 billion gaming industry, which has increasing clout in Washington”


“The gun lobby isn’t the only group throwing its weight around trying to thwart President Obama’s plans to combat gun violence.”

“Even a modest proposal to study how violent video games might be affecting young minds has quietly run aground, the victim, sources say, of opposition by the burgeoning video game industry — a $67 billion colossus with increasing clout in Washington.”

““It doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere,” one Senate aide tracking the proposal told the Daily News.”

“The debate over violent video games reemerged …”

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Violent Video Game Study Blocked?

Violent Video Game Study Blocked?You’re kidding, right? If the study is blocked, halted, or stalled by anyone, then it stands to reason that the faction causing or initiating that action has something to hide.

Ya think??

Violence breeds violence. We humans always feel drawn to it, whether it is violent video games, films, or books. We are fascinated by it. That fact does not mean that we should not take a close look at how the mind of children differ from adults, how they imprint on that which is shown to them, how violent video games effect learning, preferences, choices, and actions. If values have to be taught, why are we teaching that violence is a positive human value?

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