You Can be Your Own Parenting Coach

It’s true; You Can be Your Own Parenting Coach. A parenting coach is someone who is your personal ‘cheerleader.’ This coach can take your parenting goals, your children’s unwanted behaviors and help you develop or improve your parenting skills. In addition, help you create your parenting goals. If you are having some difficulty eliminating or reducing some unwanted behaviors, getting the assistance of a parenting coach could indeed be helpful. However, you may want to try out being your own parenting coach first.

If that is the route you want to take, then here are some pointers that can help you get started so…

Be Your Own Parenting Coach

You Can be Your Own Parenting Coach

1. First off, evaluate your problems and your successes. List down all your strengths, and any weaknesses you have encountered. Be honest here. No one is watching. Be as detailed as possible.

2. Once you have your list, go through each item, noting how you can maintain or improve each of your strengths. See if you can match your strengths with your parenting successes, or match your weaknesses with some behavior problems that are troubling you. Perhaps you have not used all of your strengths on those remaining troubling behaviors. Keep the momentum going; you are Your Own Parenting Coach! Come up with an action plan to make some changes in the methods that you have been using to reduce unwanted behaviors. Take action on some smaller points of contention and note any affect.

3. Test your new parenting skills. If you are up to it, keep a diary in which you write those methods that worked and did not work.

4. Another thing that you can do as your own parenting coach is to sit down and have talks with your children. Ask them what they think about chores or school, etc. Read between the lines. You’ll know what to ask as you go along. This would give you a chance to hear what your children feel and give them a chance to voice out their opinions. It would also give you an opportunity to deepen your relationship with them.

5. Lastly, constantly give yourself personal affirmations. Keep your motivation high. Hurrah, change! I know you want to be the best parent that you can be, or you would not be searching the Internet for ideas.

You can Be Your Own Parenting Coach as long as you stay focused on your parenting goals. Judge for yourself how you are progressing towards those goals in your parenting plan. Is being your own parenting coach working as you had expected? Truly, only you are the best judge of what is successfully changing unwanted behaviors. Always seek help when needed. Remember it takes a village to raise a child.

You Can be Your Own Parenting Coach

Life is full of challenges, and parenting is a big one. It is the most important challenge we face. You are the best judge of your strengths and your weaknesses. There have been times that we parents have all experienced the frustrating behaviors of our children. Don’t let this frustration cause you to lose sight of your personal goals for your family. Create your own goals with an online parenting coach. There is value to increasing and improving each parenting skill and getting new ideas. Get new ideas; learn how to be the successful parent that I know you are with Parenting 101 Success

To Your Parenting Success!

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